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Directors:  Anthony Maddalena & Kenneth W Caravan

Screenwriters: Anthony Maddalena & Kenneth W Caravan  

Genre:  Fantasy Drama

Photography Comences April  2015 Shooting on location in London and Mahe,Praslin & Le digue The Seychelles


As a man lies dying in his rambling Victorian London home a thief breaks in through the front window. Disturbed at the point of his death, the newly deceased man, follower of a branch of Buddhism, is far less willing to relinquish his body, and more importantly his earthly possessions than the intruder could ever have imagined!


With the “Owner”, a dangerous Spiritual Egoist, caught agonisingly between life and death, the hapless Intruder, has no idea what he has got himself into!When the Intruder pilfers a sacred Twelfth-Century Cambodian relic from the rambling house,littered with bizarre Oriental artefacts, it’s too much for the spirit of the dying man to bear-especially since, as the follower of a powerful branch of Tibetan Buddhism his dying moments are crucial for his journey into the next life.


Angry and bitter the dead Owner will do anything to cling on to his life and possessions. But just how far, will he go to achieve a new life at any cost? 

Dark Rain

© 2017. Firehose Productions - Hungry Lion Film Company (G.B)

© 2017 Firehorse Pictures - Hungry Lion Film Company Ltd .

 Forthcoming Short Films:


A long dark and lonely road awaits resting actor turned kitchen salesman , Daniel, as he tries to defeat the effects of his chronic insomnia to make the 300 mile drive home to London .As the weather worsens Daniel's battle to stay awake at the wheel becomes the least of his worries! Is his tiredness causing him to hallucinate or is a strange unearthly presence trying to make contact with him from out of the rain?


As the road becomes ever more treacherous from the deteriorating weather conditions Daniel must rally all his energy to stay alive and to escape the seemingly malignant Dark Presence that is so hotly in pursuit of him. Can he defeat his sinister rival not to mention his own growing paranoia to make the journey safely home?  but what did he leave there when he left several days earlier? and could the Dark Rain be detrimental to others?

Seed of Desire

Stolen Karma

Director:  Anthony Maddalena

Screenwriters:  Kenneth W Caravan & Anthony Maddalena 

Genre: supernatural Drama 


© 2014 Firehose Productions - Hungry Lion Film Company (U.K)


When busy jet- setting entrepreneur, Giles, is unexpectedly jilted by his soon- to- be fiancee, at a surprise engagement party being held by old friends Jeremy and Meiling, he is forced to confront uncomfortable realities about himself and his life. He may be rich in material possessions , but is he really so rich when it comes to his emotional life and to making time for those he loves?

Bohemian host Jeremy has just the answer to help him drown his sorrows, with a potent party punch he concocted using a mysterious ingredient from Peru. Sinking ever deeper into despair and intoxicated by the hallucinatory brew Giles is transported to a magical, remote and tropical realm where he is literally lost in paradise. So far from his usual hectic routine his life is about to take a decidedly surreal turn when he discovers a giant talking seed , his only companion on the island.

With prophetic power, Giles's new found friend leads him to a startling revelation which will change him forever. But stranger still the Seed of Desire seems to exert a mysterious influence beyond the remote island in the very real worlds of party hosts Jeremy and Meiling!



















© 2017.  Firehose Pictures uk - Hungry Lion Film Productions  (U.K)

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