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Producers: Anthony Maddalena , Kenneth W Caravan  

Screenwriters: Kenneth W Caravan ,Anthony Maddalena



Director: to be confirmed

Screenwriters & Producers:  Kenneth W Caravan & Anthony Maddalena

Director: to be confirmed

Genre:  Urban Supernatural Fantasy Drama

Principal Photography Summer 2018 Chinatown London, St Tome and Principe West Africa, St Lucia.




This Islands Mine

Haunted, lonely and believing himself to be under the power of a curse the Cuckoo Man wanders the streets of London’s West End seeking a way back to his African homeland. Mysterious and rootless he’s like a brooding prophet lost amidst the neon signs and the jostling revellers. His memories about his past are fragmented –each day he must struggle to piece them together. Homeless, he lurks on the fringes of theatre-land, a place where reality and fiction collide.


The only thing he’s really sure about is that in order to break the curse, he must somehow find a pair of “wings” to fly “home”, this and his ability to understand the language of birds who whisper Dark prophetic warnings to him. Is he a madman, or can he really break the curse and fly home? After he meets Dawn, a psychically gifted Northern girl, who can read peoples' minds, a dramatic chain of events unfolds .


In a mad adrenalin fuelled race against time they must take on the combined power of a ruthless Triad and an African black magic man so that the Cuckoo Man can release himself from his curse once and for all.

The Cuckoo Man of Leicester Square

Set in the tough world of the Kingston ghetto in Jamaica during the turbulent elections of 1976 "This Island's Mine!" follows the fortunes of the Barrington family. Clara Barrington, a strong willed, God-fearing matriarch is proud of her son Gregory. A studious young man with political ambitions Gregory's aspirations bring him into the company of a bad crowd and win him the unwanted attentions of rival political leader, Papa Three Face. A black magic man and gangster Three Face forces the Barrington family to flee from Kingston.


In the safety of the countryside the family take refuge with eccentric relative Auntie Zazou, where a series of startling revelations occur. However it will not be long before Three Face soon catches up with Gregory who is in danger of falling firmly and eternally under his dark power.

With its themes of the struggle of the human spirit against materialism and corruption, "
This Island's Mine!" tackles the many layers of life and culture fusing flashes of comedy with touching moments of tragedy. 


Screenwriters & Producers:  Kenneth W Caravan & Anthony Maddalena

Director: to be confirmed

Genre 70s Satirical Drama

Principal Photography  London - England-  Jamaica 




Sensitive, yet to be discovered novelist James Sancroft, lives a frugal hand-to-mouth existence on a run down boat on the river Thames in London. His efforts to publish his first book, a compelling romantic novel called "Lights Over London", based on the true life of Seventeenth Century fine artist, Garmaine Kirkdale, have proved fruitless. Sancroft's story follows the fortunes of the enigmatic Kirkdale as he leaves his remote hamlet in Somerset and heads to London to seek fame as an Artist. While doing finishing touches to his paintings, the night before the opening of his first exhibition, Kirkdale is tragically disfigured in the Great Fire of London, forcing him to seek a living as part of London's Underworld.


Sancroft's fortunes change after a chance encounter with a Hollywood Producer who decides to buy the rights to his story with a view to turning it into a film. As production begins and the film makers re-envision the world of Seventeenth Century London, in a lavish but crude adaptation, the hidden past of Kirkdale exerts a bewitching influence over Sancroft as past and present dramatically collide. But could the Writer and Producer's efforts to raise the talented artist out of his long obscurity, lead to the solving of a centuries old riddle concerning the

re-discovery of the Crown Jewels of King John, mysteriously lost some 400 years before the Great Fire itself.

Feature Film Production & Development

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